The Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Is A Great Cruiser But Barely A Fuel Miser 

Lots of things about cars get me excited to wake up and spend another day on this slowly rotating rock. Outbraking somebody into a corner, for example. Loud, raucous motors revving to 7,000 RPM and beyond. Screeching, wailing tires pulling 1.3 Gs as they bend the laws of physics around a punishingly fast sweeper.… »5/26/15 3:30pm5/26/15 3:30pm

Hyundai Recalls 883,000 Sonatas Because They Just Roll Away Sometimes

The Detroit News reports that Hyundai has issued a massive recall of its Sonata sedan for two separate issues. The first recall, which affects 883,000 vehicles involves the car rolling away; the other recall affecting 5,650 cars involves defective front brakes. Thankfully, no cars have both problems. »7/30/14 8:55am7/30/14 8:55am