2009 Hyundai Genesis Earns Five-Star NHTSA Crash Test Scores

The new 2009 Hyundai Genesis »8/28/08 10:20am8/28/08 10:20am has aced NHTSA's crash testing, scoring five stars in both frontal- and side-impact testing. The Korean automaker attributes its high scores to the use of high-strength steel at critical points throughout the Genesis' body structure, coupled with electronic active head restraints and…

Detroit Auto Show: Hyundai Reveals Genesis Sedan, Disrupts Industry

Hyundai execs refer to their new Genesis luxo-sedan as an "industry disruption." It's the same kind of disruption, they say, Lexus achieved back when Japanese luxury cars in America were as much a nonentity as, well, Korean luxury cars in America. Nonetheless, most of you already know the details: Rear-drive, 375bhp,… »1/13/08 4:47pm1/13/08 4:47pm

Hyundai Genesis Badge Revealed...for Chinese and Korean Markets

Hyundai just unveiled the above shiny winged silver name-badge for the new rear-wheel drive power sedan from the Korean automaker. Yes, we know it's not very attractive. But the good news is the badge is only for the Korean and Chinese markets where, according to Hyundai, the wings will "symbolize the spirit of flight… »12/04/07 9:45am12/04/07 9:45am