Hyundai Hit With $17.35 Million Fine Over Delayed Brake Recall

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration wants you (well, automakers) to know that they aren't messing around when it comes to reporting safety defects! In an action similar to what they did to General Motors in May, regulators have ordered Hyundai to pay $17.35 million in civil fines. » 8/07/14 4:50pm 8/07/14 4:50pm

The Hyundai Elantra GT Is The VW Golf Competitor You Keep Forgetting

Commuter cars are supposed to be affordable, reliable, and practical. That makes the default choice the Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla. Those are fine machines, but what if you desired something a little more "premium" and with some Euro flair. If so, there is a nice Korean hatchback that is worth a drive. » 7/22/14 11:47am 7/22/14 11:47am

The Hyundai Genesis Has Enough Gizmos To Re-Enact A Scene From SPEED

There's advertising overkill, and then there's using a bulldozer to build a sand castle. The first is lame, the latter is pretty much the best thing you can ever do at a beach. With that idea in mind, Hyundai just re-enacted a famous scene from the movie SPEED just to show off a few driver assist features. Holy smokes. » 7/01/14 8:06pm 7/01/14 8:06pm

Why It's Great News That Hyundai's New Fuel Cell Car Is So Boring

I could stand you right in front of the very first really mass-production capable hydrogen-powered vehicle and say "Look at that car. That's a hydrogen car that could be the future of motoring." And you would say "What car? What are you pointing at? Behind that white SUV thing?" Then maybe we'd kiss. » 6/16/14 3:57pm 6/16/14 3:57pm

The Phaeton Will Work This Time, Because Korea

Our friend Derek Kreindler from TTAC wrote a great editorial today on why the new Phaeton is foolishness from a business perspective. He is correct that mid and large size sedans like the Impala and Taurus on on the decline, but I think Derek is looking at the wrong targets for the big VW. The Impala and Taurus are… » 5/20/14 1:46pm 5/20/14 1:46pm

Watch Hyundai Show Off Its Tech By Trying To Not Kill Rhys Millen

"Hey, Rhys Millen, meet us down by the docks tonight. We got something to show you. And come alone," Hyundai's ad guy probably said to the race car driver. Hyundai then proceeded to try to not kill Rhys Millen, first with swinging shipping containers, then with spikes, and finally, with a Cadillac Escalade. » 5/05/14 11:00pm 5/05/14 11:00pm

Ford and Hyundai Top Brand Loyalty Index, VW Stumbles

In order for an automaker to be successful, they can't just sell a car to a customer once; they need to have a large percentage of repeat business. Owner loyalty is something that all brands try to cultivate, some automakers accomplish this with prestige and performance while others consistently deliver quality… » 4/30/14 1:50pm 4/30/14 1:50pm