Watch Boeing's X-51A WaveRider Scramjet Blast Off to Mach 5.1

Boeing's X-51A WaveRider Scramjet has had its share of bad luck. While its first test flight in 2010 went fine, the two that followed ended with unsatisfactory plops. Now, the USAF has just completed the fourth and final test, and the result was a screaming 370 seconds of scramjet glory and literally hypersonic speeds. » 5/04/13 12:27pm 5/04/13 12:27pm

Scramjet Destroys NASA Record, Hits Mach 5 For Three Minutes

The U.S. Air Force's experimental X-51A Waverider set a hypersonic flight record when it flew at Mach 5 — five times the speed of sound — for more than three minutes. The previous scramjet record was a mere 12 seconds. » 5/27/10 2:00pm 5/27/10 2:00pm