Here’s What Happened When I Went Hypermiling In a Honda Insight

I recently had the chance to spend a few hours driving around in a Honda Insight. Not the new Insight – or the "sissy Insight," as I now call it, due to its gluttonous 5-seat configuration and its greedy, environment-destroying 4-cylinder engine that's designed to actually keep pace with traffic. I mean the original » 8/13/14 4:29pm 8/13/14 4:29pm

How To Get 99.7 Mpg From A Geo Metro

One year ago, Darin Cosgrove of entered his Geo Metro in the Green Grand Prix fuel-economy competition. Over the course of the event, he coaxed his 12-year-old car to almost 100 mpg! Here's how he did it. —Ed. » 6/14/10 1:00pm 6/14/10 1:00pm

Attention, Greenies: Your Geo Metro Needs A Boattail

Darin Cosgrove, the founder of hypermiling site Ecomodder, has built himself a boattailed Pontiac Firefly, a.k.a. the Canadian-market Geo Metro. The result? 64 mpg and all the rubbernecking he can stand. [Ecomodder via Wired] » 12/29/09 5:15pm 12/29/09 5:15pm

Ford Engineer Builds 125 MPG "HyperRocket" In Spare Time

You know someone's got a passion when by day they're a Ford fuel economy technical expert and by night they build a 125 MPG, rocket-shaped trike. It's called HyperRocket and it's now on eBay. » 5/08/09 4:40pm 5/08/09 4:40pm

How To Get 35 MPG In A Porsche 911

The masochistic Germans have been at it again, driving a 345 HP 2009 Porsche 911 efficiently enough to return 35 MPG (US). Did they drive it slowly? No, not really. » 12/17/08 11:00am 12/17/08 11:00am

2009 VW Jetta TDI Achieves 58.82 MPG While Traveling Through Lower 48,…

To raise awareness of the high mileage it’s possible to achieve by driving sensibly in a sensible vehicle, John and Helen Taylor traversed the lower 48 states in a stock 2009 VW Jetta TDI » 9/30/08 3:00pm 9/30/08 3:00pm. Staying within 5 MPH of the posted speed limit, the couple used just 11 tanks of fuel on the trip resulting in an overall fuel…

Hypermiling Couple Sets World Record With 90 MPG Drive Around…

Remember when we drove a European-spec Honda Civic 2.2 i-CTDi on a 100-mile road trip? We did pretty well, averaging 72 MPG. While we were throughly impressed, it was nothing compared to earning two spots in the Guinness Book Of World Records. Helen and John Taylor, a British couple, earned their two spots of fame in… » 5/28/08 9:20am 5/28/08 9:20am

While We're At It, Here Are Some Real Hypermilers

We first met Metrompg when we did a story on Mr. Harry Stevinson way back in 2006. Since then we've been occasionally plucking bits and pieces of interesting fodder from them and their all grown up version Ecomodder. The incredible 72 miles per gallon we got out of the 2007 Honda Civic i-CTDi is almost an entry point… » 2/15/08 1:45pm 2/15/08 1:45pm

Supercar Hypermiling Day 2: Ferrari F430

In Part 1, I found the Ford GT's high-torque V8 pretty economical in traffic. But what was it we were saying about those Italian engineers and their appetite for Chianti? Well, like father like son, the creators of the F430 created a thirsty one. In spite of being the smallest, arguably most sophisticated and largely… » 11/21/07 8:45am 11/21/07 8:45am

Supercar Hypermiling Day 1: Ford GT

As if we didn't already know Zac Moseley from the Manhattan Classic Car Club has the best job in the world, he's driving it home this week with what we thought was an interesting class project: Five cars, five days, 250 miles and 7.5 gallons of gas. Is hypermiling more fun in a supercar than a Prius? We'll be running… » 11/19/07 10:30am 11/19/07 10:30am

Movin' Very Slowly: Hypermiling

When we had our old Acura Legend, we were addicted to its fuel-economy display. We generally averaged around 21 mpg, which included a 33-mile Walnut Creek-to-San Francisco commute that was 2/3 open freeway and 1/3 brutal congestion (hello, MacArthur Maze and Bay Bridge). On a trip from Portland back down the East… » 1/05/07 2:30pm 1/05/07 2:30pm