Bugatti Veyron Replacement Coming In 2012, Plans For Entry-Level Model Scrapped

If the current Bugatti Veyron » 8/22/08 2:20pm 8/22/08 2:20pm and its 1001 HP quad-turbo W16 just aren't doing it for you anymore, fear not, for Bugatti may be developing a high-end successor, and canning plans for a more-affordable model. In addition to an even more extreme version of the current hypercar, known to some as the "Veyron GT," which…

Tirrito Vajon Update: Mystery Supercar Specs Revealed

The other day we brought you thrilling footage of the upcoming Tirrito Vajon undergoing rigorous developmental testing on some roundabouts. Today, we have even more exclusive info on the mysterious Italian supercar. "Andry," the owner of the Vajon project assured us that the engine is indeed a 3.0L biturbo mill, but… » 2/15/08 11:25am 2/15/08 11:25am

Tirrito Vajon! The Mystery Italian Supercar!

Those who know it call it the "TIRRITO VAJON rtt." To the rest of us, it's a mystery. All we can figure is that it has a McLaren F1-style 3-seater cockpit and it's styling is like a cross between a Pagani Zonda and 1990 Mosler Consulier GTP. Maybe it's a kit-car? Maybe it's a garage-built one-off? Other details are… » 2/13/08 4:45pm 2/13/08 4:45pm