Volkswagen Rabbitamino On Hydros?

We were expecting some wacky stuff here at the Geneva Motor Show, but a VW pickup on hydros? What the what? Sure why not, the crazy part was the 8 switch Vee Dub was sitting next to a dropped Ferrari F40, which we thought was illegal to begin with, but what do we know. What does that say about us that both Spinelli… » 3/06/08 11:00am 3/06/08 11:00am

Air-Powered Jumping Cutlass

Not all air gained by cars is done so by forward motion. Check out this stripped down '86 Cutlass which someone has seen fit to outfit with a serious air cylinder system and dubbed the Cyclone. Don't know how many times it will be blowing through anywhere though cause the leaper looks like it gets pretty trashed in… » 2/29/08 2:00pm 2/29/08 2:00pm