It's Combustin' Time: Driving the BMW Hydrogen 7 in NYC

BMW endowed us with some cruise time in the company's Hydrogen 7 earlier today. If you're not familiar with the Hydrogenization 7 — as one punch-drunk New Yorker dubbed it — it's BMW's V12-powered 7-Series that's been tricked with a liquid hydrogen tank, heat exchangers and other gear that allow it to run on either… » 4/03/07 6:41pm 4/03/07 6:41pm

ForbesAutos Widdles With the BMW Hydrogen 7

Free lease on a Bimmer? Gotta be an influencer, unsere Kapitan. But if you've got the cred the Bayrischens are looking for, you could be rolling in a dual-fuel BMW Hydrogen 7. The ForbesAutos crowd took one for a spin, and while the performance figures are rather underwhelming, and the liquid hydrogen fuel will burn… » 12/08/06 6:30pm 12/08/06 6:30pm

Fill 'er Up With High Test: Driving the BMW Hydrogen 7

BMW's 12-cylinder Hydrogen 7 isn't exactly the ultimate driving machine, considering it takes nearly 10 seconds to get from zero to 60 mph (laugh it up, Volkswagen Rabbit). But that's only a small concern, considering this 7's only true competitor is an airport shuttle bus built by Ford. The BMW (and Ford's shuttle)… » 11/14/06 7:11am 11/14/06 7:11am

Burning the Midnight Liquid Fuel: BMW Reveals Hydrogen 7

BMW today revealed its Hydrogen 7, the alternative-fuel model and outgrowth of the company's CleanEnergy project that was recently spotted (and photographed) amid road testing. As expected, it's a flex-fuel configuration, with modified version of the corporate 6.0-liter V12 that can swich from gasoline to liquid… » 9/12/06 10:35am 9/12/06 10:35am