The Rinspeed Splash Hydrofoil Actually Exists

Remember this little guy from 2006, the hydrofoil car Rinspeed CEO Frank Rinderknecht drove, if that’s the right word, across the English Channel? It’s real. The Rinspeed Splash was on display in Geneva. And while it will never cease being surreal to think it’s a hydrofoil car it’s hydrofoil car it’s hydrofoil car » 3/08/13 2:45pm 3/08/13 2:45pm

A Turbine-Powered Hydrofoil Gunboat? Why, Yes!

The Sixties were great enough with all the spaceships and supercars but did you know Boeing made a turbine-powered hydrofoil gunboat for the U.S. Navy? Tucumcari, good for 40 knots (46 mph) on the open water, served a combat tour in Vietnam before being transferred to Europe to become a demo boat. » 2/25/13 1:59pm 2/25/13 1:59pm