Harlan Charles Shows Us The C4 Corvette ZR1 Active Suspension Prototype

To show off the history behind the 2009 Corvette ZR1 »8/21/08 2:40pm8/21/08 2:40pm during our at Milford, GM brought out some 'Vettes. The most interesting one was this 1990 prototype adorned in vents and scoops. Corvette commander says this was a testbed for a complicated and heavy active suspension system that used hydraulics to lean the big…

The Nuclear Waste Removing Hydraulic Robot Will Save Us All

When you're cleaning up poorly stored nuclear waste you've got a few obstacles to clear. There's the highly toxic materials that would kill a person in a short period of time. Everything is stored in areas that are hard to access and dark. Then there's the fact that after a while nuclear waste separates into salts and… »2/19/08 1:20pm2/19/08 1:20pm