Ford, PML Flightlink Hauling Plug-in Hybrid F-150 Pickup To SEMA

PML and Ford have been palling around for a while now, most recently to develop the Volvo Recharge C30 concept »10/24/08 4:10pm10/24/08 4:10pm. Now they've gone in on an in-wheel electric drive plug-in hybrid concept coming to . The in-wheel motors are a clever brushed pancake design that act as a part of the wheel and not just another add-in part.…


Plug-In Hybrid Pickup To Get 100 MPG, Sticker Of Calvin Peeing On Our Foreign Oil Dependency

Motor maker Raser Technologies will team up with utility provider PG&E for a pickup truck that can get 100 MPG, according to the company's press release. The plug-in hybrid utilizes full battery power for the first 40 miles, then lets a gas-powered generator kick in enough juice for another 300 miles. Through the… »7/23/08 10:20am7/23/08 10:20am