Detroit Auto Show: Hummer HX Records Off-Roading Adventures Directly to iPod

Despite its relationship to the Halo Warthog, the Hummer HX made a pretty big splash at the Detroit Auto Show. One of its coolest features is the front-facing camera that's integrated into the rear-view mirror. Throw in a docking slot to record your off-roading adventures directly to an iPod and you've got something… »1/22/08 1:30pm1/22/08 1:30pm

Detroit Auto Show: Hummer HX and the Halo Warthog, The Final Word

I had a chance to talk with David Rojas and Robert Jablonski, the exterior and interior designers of the Hummer HX Concept with one question on the table: What's the link between the HX and the Warthog from Halo? The answer wasn't as clear as I was hoping. I couldn't get either of the twentysomething designers to… »1/16/08 10:15am1/16/08 10:15am

Detroit Auto Show: Top Five Concept Car Features That'll Never See Production

Concept cars are notorious for rarely making it to the street. But what about the enticing features that designers include in their dreamy visions of our automotive future? We combed through the files we've amassed at the show this week and come up with five features that don't stand a chance in hell of ever… »1/15/08 5:10pm1/15/08 5:10pm

Detroit Auto Show: Hummer HX Concept, Would-Be Halo 3 Strike Vehicle

GM rolled out its Halo 3 Warthog doppelganger, the Hummer HX concept amid considerable pomp and circumstance around E85 Ethanol and other green technologies. GM's sales VP Mark Le Neve introduced the concept as a vehicle that'll get the kids to put down their Wii controllers and start climbing rocks IRL. No word on… »1/13/08 12:15pm1/13/08 12:15pm

Detroit Auto Show: Hummer HX Concept Embargo Totally Fragged

All Your Embargoes Are Belong To Us — especially now that the folks over at HummerGuy have gone live with the embargoed information on the Hummer HX Concept. The Hummer Warthog HX Concept will be blowing into Detroit Auto Show this weekend like it was fired out of a missile pod or something. Seriously, we cannot… »1/08/08 6:25pm1/08/08 6:25pm

Hummer Reveals HX Concept Sketches for Detroit Auto Show

Hummer's just revealed some concept sketches of their new off-road concept car set to be officially unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show next month. The concept was designed by three fresh kids straight from the mean streets of Detroit Detroit's College for Creative Studies. See what the fresh young pups have going on… »12/10/07 3:00pm12/10/07 3:00pm