A Bentley Owner Picked A Terrible Place To Park For Hurricane Isaac

The Bentley Arnage is the last of the truly old school Bentleys. But that also means it's old school British, with a penchant for faulty electronics and leaks whenever it rains. » 8/30/12 12:30pm 8/30/12 12:30pm

Fill Up Now, There Are A Lot Of Oil Rigs In Tropical Storm Isaac's Path

If you've been meaning to fill up your gas tank, now might be the time to do it. There are quite a few oil platforms in Tropical Storm Isaac's path. » 8/26/12 12:00pm 8/26/12 12:00pm

Hurricanes Suck: A Mental Preparation Guide

With Tropical Storm Isaac forecast to probably become a hurricane and rearrange parts of our coastline, if you're on the Gulf Coast you'll be reading a lot of preparation guides that'll get you ready for physically surviving the storm. Read them. A hurricane can mess your stuff up. » 8/24/12 12:00pm 8/24/12 12:00pm