An Oregon ghost town's abandoned car museum

It's common for people to park an old car in a barn and forget about it. But in central Oregon there's an entire ghost town with an abandoned car museum at its center. Inside that museum sits a Hupmobile and Plymouths that have been waiting decades for visitors who never come. » 9/28/11 2:00pm 9/28/11 2:00pm

Yeah, Hupp! Near-Forgotten Hupmobile's Really Gonna Punch You Out

We figure if Radio Birdman's "New Race" is good enough for Toyota to use in Corolla commercials on Spanish-language TV, it's good enough for a meager Jalopnik headline. We've been thinking about the poor, proud Hupmobile a lot lately for some reason, so we thought that we'd offer a little love here on the august… » 9/08/05 6:11am 9/08/05 6:11am