PCH, Fear And Loathing On The Campaign Trail '72 Edition: Mercury Cougar Or Volvo 1800ES?

In possibly the most humiliating defeat for France since the whole Algerian débâcle, a French car lost a Project Car Hell challenge to American machinery, with the '61 Simca Aronde getting crushed beneath the rusted hulks of a pair of Lincoln Continentals... and that's with the Simca getting some help from one of the… »7/15/08 5:20pm7/15/08 5:20pm

Hunter S. Thompson on Ducatis and the Cult of Speed

We love motorcycles, but we admit that we will probably never own a Ducati. They, like their four-wheeled bretheren from Ferrari and Lamborghini, make an absolutely glorious noise. But after years of crashing BMX bikes and having managed to flip a quad, we will most likely buy a vintage Britbike to putter down to the… »8/02/06 3:30pm8/02/06 3:30pm