2006 Woodward Dream Pre-Cruise: The Hunter House And The El Camino, Two Perfect For Words

Only a one in a million moment could have paired two of the most amazing things in our life in the same picture. An El Camino and The Hunter House restaurant on Woodward Avenue in downtown Birmingham. This must mean only one thing — and just like Jake and Elwood Blues, we've been tasked by some heavenly force to… »8/15/06 8:55am8/15/06 8:55am


Dodge Challenger Slides Into Hunter House: Oohs, Aahs And Heartburn

An industrious photog friend of ours happened to be sitting on Woodward Avenue across from Hunter House, the B.S.B.J.I.T. (Best Slider Burger Joint In Town) and happened upon the second of a two-day Chrysler Group journalistic extravaganza. The mighty German-American hybrid gave auto writers of all shapes, sizes and… »7/28/06 4:50pm7/28/06 4:50pm