How to Change a Flat Tire in Canada in Three Easy Steps

Yeah, this is pretty long. I'm pretty sure that I overdid it. Maybe you'll enjoy it, maybe you won't. Whatever. I'm not going to edit it now, but I hope you like it. It's a mostly-true recent experience of mine, and I just had to share it. Most of the blue links are Canuck references for y'all, eh.

» 2/08/14 4:17pm 2/08/14 4:17pm

Magnus Racing to Switch to Volvo

After years of campaigning Porsche 911s in the Rolex Sports Car Series GT class, Magnus Racing has announced that they will now "run what they brung" and race the Volvo haulers used to transport everything the team needs to the race. Full Press Release » 8/23/13 1:52pm 8/23/13 1:52pm