Funny VW Ad Mixes Hyenas With Basset Hounds

This print ad was created by South African-based Ogilvy for VW to show off — actually we're honestly not sure what they're trying to show except for this unlikely duo caught in a compromising situation. » 2/12/09 3:00pm 2/12/09 3:00pm

The Stig's First And Last Press Conference

Live from Auckland New Zealand, Top Gear announced The Stig would be holding a press conference to reveal his true identity amid all the confusion in recent weeks. His answers might surprise you. » 2/12/09 2:30pm 2/12/09 2:30pm

Th!nk City Car Reviewed By Top Gear-Mocking Coffee Shop Vikings

The 2+2 Th!nk City has been on the market since 2008 with about 100 total units sold. Made in Norway, it only seemed natural the non-existent Norwegian Top Gear would take it for a spin. » 2/12/09 11:30am 2/12/09 11:30am

Lamborghini ATVs Spotted At 2009 Tokyo Auto Salon

We got to show you a pretty nifty Ferrari-badged Hayabusa Trike Friday, but that wasn't the only exotic car cross-branding at the 2009 Tokyo Auto Salon. Check out these adorable Lamborghini Murcielago ATVs. » 1/26/09 10:00am 1/26/09 10:00am

This Is Not The Proper Way To Unload An Aston Martin

The Carpocalypse is forcing many people to unload unnecessary luxury items, but the guys loading this Aston Martin had the absolute wrong idea of how to go about doing it. See the damage below. » 1/23/09 2:30pm 1/23/09 2:30pm

Mercedes Mounts Dodge Neon, We Giggle

This forcible humping of a Mercedes and Neon resulted when a woman was trying to perform a three-point turn. Looks to us like the Mercedes was trying to pull off the coveted Eiffel Tower instead. » 1/17/09 12:30pm 1/17/09 12:30pm

Mr. Hitler, Nissan Japan Called Back About Your GT-R

First Hitler lost his car, now It looks like Hitler didn't know about the Nissan GT-R's limited launch control function and is getting screwed by Nissan. Oh Hitler, you're so adorable when you're angry. » 1/16/09 10:30am 1/16/09 10:30am

Storm Trooper Trades In Speeder Bike For Something A Little More Agile

It appears as though the Imperial Army has turned in their speeder bikes for something a little more agile as evidenced by this Imperial Storm Trooper caught driving a white Lotus Exige. More below. » 1/14/09 4:00pm 1/14/09 4:00pm

The World's Funniest Street Signs

What were road commissions thinking when they passed some street names? While we've certainly seen some hilarious ones, these are the 32 best street signs in the world. Just to help brighten your day. » 1/06/09 2:30pm 1/06/09 2:30pm

"Best Of Craigslist" Rant Classifies Canadian Drivers

Quality wordcraft in Craigslist is nominated for "Best of Craigslist," but rarely is it automotive in nature. Even more rarely is it a quality rant against various jerk-off classes of Canadian drivers. » 1/06/09 2:00pm 1/06/09 2:00pm

We Salute You, Mr. Proverbial Gangsta Pose Picture Taker

The gangsta pose. We're not sure who came up with it, how or when, but it's graced car forums for years. We've composed a song and compiled a gallery of our favorites below. » 1/05/09 11:00am 1/05/09 11:00am

VW SpaceFox Fish-Dog Commercial Both Creepy And Adorable

Bear-Shark it ain't, but hit play to see a Volkswagen SpaceFox commercial starring the Fish-Dog (or maybe Dog-Fish), the strangest animal hybrid combination since ManBearPig. » 1/05/09 8:30am 1/05/09 8:30am

Jones Big ASS Truck Rental and Storage

As the story goes, Toby Jones is an enterprising young rapper who managed to buy a junked-out warehouse somewhere on the south side of Chicago for a dollar and now he's willing to store your junk for unheard of prices! Have you got a clapped-out Firebird cluttering your driveway? Are you in need of bus or elephant… » 12/03/08 4:30pm 12/03/08 4:30pm

For Sale: Clean Mazda Miata, Slight Water Damage

As Kim Taylor was running down the hill beside her driveway, chasing after her red Mazda Miata, she couldn't help but be confused. She was sure she had put the parking brake on. And yet there was the little convertible, on its way to her neighbors' pool for a 40 MPH splashdown. We have a feeling this was just one of… » 7/08/08 6:40pm 7/08/08 6:40pm

Manta Manta Revisited: The English-Dubbed Trailer

If you've been around Jalopnik for a while, you already know that Manta Manta is perhaps the greatest German street racing film ever made. But for those of us not fluent in Deutsch, we've been left wondering what exactly is going on. Well, now thanks to this recently discovered English-dubbed trailer for Manta Manta,… » 3/12/08 4:30pm 3/12/08 4:30pm

Would The Subaru WRX STI Really Make The Germans So Sorrowful?

For Wes, the 2008 Subaru WRX STI was a happy experience. For these fictional German engineers in this Subaru commercial the experience was the same. Well, that is until angry bald German bossman shows up. He ruins everything. It's a funny commercial, with a good use of Falco, but is the STI really the Japanese car the… » 3/11/08 3:45pm 3/11/08 3:45pm