GM Kills Hummer, Officially

GM will officially wind down Hummer operations as a deal with a Chinese automaker stalled over Chinese environmental concerns You gotta love Hummer — a brand so quintessentially American, so brazenly gas-guzzling, that even the Chinese find it offensive. » 2/24/10 3:10pm 2/24/10 3:10pm

Las Vegas Hummer Dealer, One Of Largest In Country, Closes Doors

The WSJ » 9/08/08 4:00pm 9/08/08 4:00pm reports that Towbin Hummer is the only Hummer dealer in Las Vegas, and one of the brand's biggest franchises in the US — at least it will be until tomorrow, when the dealership shuts its doors for good. While Towbin will be just one of several Hummer dealerships to close this year, it's perhaps the most…

The Rumors Of The Imminent Demise Of The H2 Have Been Greatly…

Our earlier story on the demise of the Hummer H2 earlier today has shaken loose a few more details from inside sources and it turns out we weren't quite spot on with the kill date. It's actually 2014, not 2011. Here are the new details our previous story has shaken loose from the tree of knowledge that is the tower o'… » 3/10/08 4:03pm 3/10/08 4:03pm

Hummer H2 To Die By 2011, Take Cheap Gas With It

UPDATE: Looks like FUH2 has a little bit more life left in it — we've now determined the Hummer H2 will die in 2014. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for not reversing the charges. The Hummer haters at FUH2 will get their wish faster than they'd ever hoped. It seems the death knell of the Hummer H2 has been… » 3/10/08 1:00pm 3/10/08 1:00pm