Assemble A Winter Survival Kit

If you're going to be traveling in an area where you're at risk for severe wintry weather you should always travel with an emergency kit. You never know when telephone service will get knocked out and you will be left stranded. Here's what a kit should include: » 12/10/08 3:38pm 12/10/08 3:38pm

You should also let people know, before you leave, where …

Check Lights, Heater And Defrosters

Having working lights, heat and defrosters are super important for the winter. Thankfully, checking these items is a fairly simple task. For the lights, have someone sit in the car and turn off and on all the blinkers, lights and high-beams while you walk around the vehicle to make sure everything works. For the… » 12/10/08 1:38pm 12/10/08 1:38pm

Check Your Car's Brakes

Checking the brakes isn't a complicated job and, if you have the right wheels, you may not even have to take anything off the car. This mini guide assumes that you're not having trouble with your brakes. If there's an issue stopping your car then yes, you probably have a brake issue. There are three areas you need to… » 12/10/08 1:38pm 12/10/08 1:38pm