A Chinese Hover Limo That Doesn't Hover

If you happen to own a 2007 Hover limousine but find it lacking in rear legroom, China Car Times reports that you're in luck: The 2008 Hover limo has been extended by nearly eight inches. And look at the opulent interior: Can't you just smell the isocyanate-based adhesives emanating from the vinyl trim? Finally,… » 8/15/08 5:00pm 8/15/08 5:00pm

Alles Klar, Commie Car? Fidel's Great Wall Limo

Earlier this year, the Peeps 'Public of Chizza presented Cuban cigar chomper Fidel Castro with a superfly Great Wall Hover limo. In honor of the Guangzhou motor show happening on the other side of the globe, let's check the shit out, read me? Based on the Hover SUV, which may or may not be a reverse-engineered… » 7/25/06 9:54am 7/25/06 9:54am