Bob Lutz Wants You To Buy A House To Help GM Sales

Reuters got the scoop today from the Vice-Chairman of the General and here's the message Maximum Bob's got for you: Go buy a house. OK, maybe that's not quite what he's saying, but it looks like he's trying to drop some hints for the markets on what sales will look like in April — and it's got a lot to do with the… » 4/23/07 4:55pm 4/23/07 4:55pm

Sensationalizing! UK's Telegraph Falls For "Detroit Houses Selling For Less Than Used Cars" Story

Looks like the UK's Telegraph is buying the "houses are selling for less than a used car" story hook line and sinker. The UK daily is reporting: » 4/06/07 2:00pm 4/06/07 2:00pm

Ok, let's clear something up right here and right now — "can now be bought" implies it's something new. Everyone who lives here in the D knows you've been able to buy homes…

Depreciation Party PT.2 - Detroit Housing Market So Bad, Cars Cost More

From our not-friends over at the gross soda/chocolate milk news site comes a story that frankly, shocked me as a Detroiter. Houses are going to auction at unheard of rates so low that it's cheaper(d'oh) more costly to buy a used car. Probably a better investment too considering the taxes are lower on a rusting heap… » 3/19/07 7:10pm 3/19/07 7:10pm