House Of Cards Talks About Ladas, Doesn't Quite Get It Right

Are you a fan of Soviet/Russian cars, and have been continually disappointed by their lack of any mainstream attention on American media? If so, boy are you going to be happy, because Ladas were just talked about for an extended period of time on the Netflix show, House of Cards. It just wasn't all that flattering. Or… » 3/03/15 4:49pm 3/03/15 4:49pm

How Eddie Griffin Destroyed The Economy By Crashing A Ferrari Enzo

CNBC's "House of Cards" documentary finally proves what we've suspected for some time, Eddie Griffin crashing Daniel Sadek's Ferrari Enzo for Redline caused the sub-prime mortgage crisis. See, we told you to Save The Enzos. » 2/24/09 10:00am 2/24/09 10:00am