Capitol Hill Staffer Changes His 'WTF 44' License Plates

Few mysteries among the Capitol Hill gossip set were more unsolvable, not to mention trivial, than that of the 2007 Lincoln Navigator with Texas license plates reading "WTF 44" situated in the Longworth House Office Building parking lot. Why would this Texan motorist be so perplexed over the current and 44th president… »5/17/11 1:46pm5/17/11 1:46pm

Runaway Car Knocks New Zealand Man Off Toilet, Ruins Reader's Digest

A man in Christchurch, New Zealand was enjoying his evening porcelain meditation when all of a sudden he had an unexpected visitor in the form of a four-wheel-drive truck (not pictured). Let this be an important lesson that, when parking on a hill, you need to engage that handbrake properly. Also, don't put your… »3/28/08 8:30am3/28/08 8:30am