More Maserati: Quattroporte Chauffeur with Hotel Stay

If you don't want to race Maseratis you can be driven in one. A hotel in North Carolina is offering a chauffeured Quattroporte in its "Speed & Luxury" package. Except, if you're being driven by someone else, do you really want them to drive fast? I don't think so. Although we'll take the round of golf, four-course‚Ķ » 4/25/06 3:55pm 4/25/06 3:55pm

Stay at the Ritz-Carlton, Drive a Mercedes

Apropos to yesterday's post on hotels offering guests the use of a test car, there's an even sweeter deal for guests with more comprehensive trust funds. Those planning a stay at one of Ritz-Carlton's luxury hotels from Boston to Coconut Grove to Half Moon Bay can choose a package including the use of a complimentary‚Ķ » 10/26/05 12:00pm 10/26/05 12:00pm