The 2016 Mercedes A45 AMG Sounds Like An Angry Dragon Sneezing Bees

Mercedes has gone full Fast & Furious with the 2016 A45 AMG. It’s got the big wing, bigger wheels, red calipers, grille like Cheshire cat’s and one seriously rude exhaust note. I’m just not sure if that sound is “elite sport-luxury” or more “high-school Honda Civic” so you tell me! » 6/29/15 10:25am 6/29/15 10:25am

If You Want "Affordable Performance," Sometimes it Pays to Wait

Since most of us don't have the cash for a 911 Turbo or a Jag F-type, we are big fans of hot-hatches and sport-compacts that fit within our modest budget. However, when these pocket-rockets first hit the market, often the law of supply and demand is not in our favor. The Focus ST, BRZ, and FRS, just to name a few,… » 4/25/14 10:49am 4/25/14 10:49am

Vauxhall Corsa VXR Nürburgring Edition is unattainable hot hatchness

The closest we've ever gotten to driving a Corsa in the states is the older and larger Saturn Astra, which sold poorly in the U.S. and never offered more than a low-power 1.8-liter fourbanger. Therefore it's with great sadness we announce the smaller Euro-spec Vauhall Corsa VXR Nürburgring Edition boosts power to over… » 4/20/11 12:15pm 4/20/11 12:15pm