What's The Right Amount Of Horsepower?

The expected answer to the question “What’s the right amount of horsepower?” is usually to bellow “AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE” shortly before lighting yourself on fire and leaping through a plate-glass window. But the question is actually a lot more complex than you think, and with HP ratings generally increasing every year,… » 6/01/15 4:35pm 6/01/15 4:35pm

The 2015 VW GTI Might Be Making Significantly More Power Than Advertised

Yesterday, I received an update on the new GTI I ordered back in October - "Will be built week 10." So I won't be having hot-hatch fun until sometime in March. This morning, I caught some news that make the wait a little easier. It turns out VW may be seriously sandbagging the output claims on the MK7 GTI. » 2/04/15 12:07pm 2/04/15 12:07pm

What's The Most Horsepower For The Buck?

When we announced that you could get the 2009 Corvette ZR1 for just $103,300, Ben started to look for a way to scrounge together the $103,200 he'd need to buy one. Still, we're talking about $161 per horsepower. That's not shabby, but Godzilla is only $148 per horsepower. And what about the Tata Nano? Just $75 per… » 6/17/08 11:40am 6/17/08 11:40am

Killer Wasps In Your Toyota: Why The Metric System Sucks

OK, we'll admit that the metric system is the way to go when you're, say, plotting orbital trajectories for the Mars Climate Orbiter and other science-heavy stuff. But when you're talking about the power output of an internal combustion engine, we want to hear galloping hooves, dammit! None of this kilowatt… » 1/10/08 11:30am 1/10/08 11:30am

Sir-Mix-A-Lot Was Right: Fonda Didn't Have a Motor In the Back of Her Honda!

The results are in for automakers using Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) standards for rating their cars' horsepower. And this is no good news for those of you who bought that Toyota Camry with the expectation of a hotter-than-hot-sake 210 hp. In reality, you may be feeling a bit like you just swallowed some raw… » 3/13/06 4:55pm 3/13/06 4:55pm

Universal Horsepower Testing Busts Japanese Carmakers

Whoops. If you bought a 2006 Acura RSX, expect to get five fewer horsepower than the 2005 model. Buy an '06 Corvette LS7, however, and you'll gain an equal number over 2005. What happened? It seems Japanese automakers' overselling of their cars' horsepower was outed by their moving to the new, third-party horsepower… » 8/17/05 10:56am 8/17/05 10:56am

Next Stop, Burnoutville: Cadillac STS-V Gets Official Horsepower Rating

It's not often when the closing of loopholes reveals good news for a company. In Cadillac's case, it resulted in a horsepower bump for its 4.4-liter supercharged Northstar V8. GM announced back in April it was the first automaker to follow the SAE's new voluntary, third-party power and torque testing and… » 7/28/05 11:51am 7/28/05 11:51am