Chrysler Boss: Company Even Closer to Choosing China's Chery to Build…

According to Automotive News. Chrysler's about as close to picking China's Chery Automobile to build its new subcompact model as it can be without actually, say, selecting them. The group's CEO Tom LaSorda told reporters in Beijing (hmm) that the car — a ~$14,000 model likely based on the Hornet Concept shown at this… » 11/17/06 12:42pm 11/17/06 12:42pm

A Chinese Bee: Chery to Build Dodge Hornet?

Will the Dodge Hornet be made in China? Automotive News reports today that DaimlerChrysler is in "late-stage negotiations" with China's Chery Motors to build a new small car for export, a car most believe will be one based on the Hornet concept (pictured) DCX showed in Geneva earlier this year. DaimlerChrysler… » 10/03/06 11:30am 10/03/06 11:30am

V-Dub Snubbed: Volkswagen out of Dodge Hornet Production Deal

A German magazine reports Volkswagen is out of the running to partner with the Dodge boys on the Hornet project. According to Germany's Automobilwoche, Chrysler chief Tom LaSorda says that while Dodge's minivan partnership with VW is intact, the company is seeking for a new partner for the subcompact project, and… » 9/11/06 9:38am 9/11/06 9:38am

Fiat Horny for Hornet? Boss Says Company Interested in Subcompact…

According to Reuters, Fiat boss Sergio "Mac-n-Cheese" Marchionne says the company is interested in hooking up with DaimlerChrysler to build a new subcompact car, likely based on the Dodge Hornet concept. DCX is reportedly looking for a production partner with which to manufacture the subcompact for the global market,… » 9/05/06 10:47am 9/05/06 10:47am

Report: Dodge Hornet Nearing Greenlight

Dodge's Hornet concept totally has the X-factor — most agree not building it as a global B-segment car would be like Lee Iacocca killing the Mustang. It's got comfortably radical styling, C-segment roominess and windshield wipers (most concepts don't have 'em — go ahead and check). AutoWeek reports Dodge is likely… » 8/01/06 11:52am 8/01/06 11:52am

Will Volkswagen Be Dodge's Hornet Partner?

Word is, Volkswagen's taking in laundry to put a few extra bucks in its housecoat. The company is reportedly lobbying heavily to be Dodge's production partner for a dealership version of the Hornet concept Dodge showed off in Geneva this year. According to Automotive News, Volkswagen — which is already partnering… » 5/30/06 9:00am 5/30/06 9:00am

Chrysler Looking for Partner to Build Hornet

Chrysler showed off its Hornet subcompact concept this week in Geneva, now AutoWeek reports the company is looking to build it in partnership with a European or Japanese partner. We'd heard a new, sub-Caliber entry Dodge would come from the company's partnership with Volkswagen, which will manifest in a new VW… » 3/03/06 8:30am 3/03/06 8:30am

Dodge Hornet to Buzz Geneva

Feckin' fack if we aren't useless. We grew up in California. We spent a year living in Tejas. And what language did we choose to learn? German. So we really have no clue about this Dodge Hornet thing, other than it looks like a cross between a Nitro and a Mini. Oh, and it cranks out 174hp from a blown 1.6 (yes!… » 2/15/06 1:46am 2/15/06 1:46am

The Kids of Today Should Defend Themselves Against the '70s: AMC's…

We were born in 1975, which meant that as a small child AMC's then- current lineup seemed interesting and futuristic to us. We also remember thinking Porsche 914s were strange-looking, yet kind of cool. Now generally remembered as the nadir of automotive design (along with the Vega, Pinto and Aspen/Volar twins), we… » 8/16/05 12:17pm 8/16/05 12:17pm