How To Make Your Car Sound Like a Freight Train

The massive land yachts of the that rolled off of Detroit assembly lines until about 1980 are mostly gone. Mostly, that's a good thing. They handled like crap, took up a lot of space in parking lots, and guzzled gas. » 11/23/12 5:00pm 11/23/12 5:00pm

How To Build A Car Horn Organ, Part One: The First Part

As I've mentioned here before, cars are incredible mobile colonies of amazing parts that can be repurposed for any number of uses. One of those uses can be annoying people in an entire neighborhood at once, which I suspect will be the main result from this week's project: the car horn organ. » 8/10/12 10:30am 8/10/12 10:30am

Horntones MP3 Automod Makes Jay-Z Proud

Yes! Finally, I can finally drive down the highway and rather than honking the normal horn at the asshole that cut me off, I can blare Jigga What by Jay-Z because that is obviously a more suitable horn noise. The Horntones is essentially an in-dash MP3 player hooked up to a traditional horn speaker. It includes… » 2/28/08 12:00pm 2/28/08 12:00pm

For Safety's Sake, You Need This Monster Horn

You know those cheap electric "Ocean Liner" horns you can buy for like $29.95? We can only laugh disdainfully at such a horn of weakness! Even those so-called train horns that are all the rage these days are insufficient for those who really care about driving safety (and after reading Gilbert Shelton's Advanced… » 2/08/08 1:30pm 2/08/08 1:30pm

Beep Beep Your A**: The Big Horn

You think you've been honked? You have not been honked, not by a long shot, until your slow-reacting ass is honked by the Big Horn. One full-pressure drag on its Kahlenberg S-6, the largest air horn in the world, and ship captains out at sea will start scanning their radar for icebergs. That's not to mention the… » 10/21/05 1:25pm 10/21/05 1:25pm