The HondaJet's Brand-New Engine Is Finally Approved For Flight

Honda Aircraft recently debuted their first production HondaJet, and the over-the-wing aircraft design is anticipated to revolutionize the light jet market. The engines are also new and so is the company created specifically to build them. Honda Aero is the first new company approved to build jet engines in 23 years. »3/20/15 5:17pm3/20/15 5:17pm


HondaJet In Final Phase Toward FAA Certification

It has been a 28-year dream in the making for Honda's Michimasa Fujino, President and CEO of Honda Aircraft Company, but that dream is finally about to become reality as Honda's $4.5 Million HA-420 private jet is expected to complete testing and receive its full FAA type certification in the first quarter of next year. »4/02/14 1:39pm4/02/14 1:39pm

Honda And Piper Take To The Skies On A Wing, A Prayer And A HondaJet

Is there a business Honda's not in? Back in 2003, Honda came up with plans for a new experimental compact business jet equipped with Honda-developed HF118 jet engines. Now, after three years of tinkering with it, they've now set up a way to sell the little bastards. They've signed an alliance with Florida-based we… »7/25/06 8:00pm7/25/06 8:00pm

Line 'Em Up! Round I Of The Official Car Pundit Drinking Game

Alright boys n' girls — time to drop your cocks and pick up your socks for the first round of the "Official Car Pundit Drinking Game" For those of you who don't remember the debauchery, a friendly commenter used Wert's recent appearance on CNBC's "On The Money" and created a simple but epic game of drinks. Well,… »7/25/06 5:48pm7/25/06 5:48pm