The 2016 Kia Sorento Is The Three Row Crossover For Everyone

What do you get when you mix up an X5, an Explorer, and throw in a dash of Durango? You get the 2016 Kia Sorento, that just made its US debut at the LA Auto Show. It is easy to dismiss the Korean mid-sizer, but the Sorento may be the best alternative to the usual suspects like the Highlander and Pilot. »11/22/14 9:03am11/22/14 9:03am

Honda Pilot Loves the Accident Prone, Ballooning Nudists, Jetpack Enthusiasts

The three latest ads for the new 2009 Honda Pilot only reaffirm what Honda wants us to think about owners of Honda's square SUV. Honda Pilot owners are accustomed to encountering very strange individuals like the accident-prone blog-readers, Brat drivers, ballooning nudists and jetpack enthusiasts. These three ads use… »5/27/08 10:20am5/27/08 10:20am

2009 Honda Pilot Fleet Spotted Outside Detroit Area Marriott, We Offer $500 Bounty On Pictures

That's the 2009 Honda Pilot. If it looks familiar to you, it should. That's because it basically looks basically unchanged from the 2009 Honda Pilot concept we saw at the Detroit Auto Show in January. This particular, umm, fleet, of Pilots was caught outside of a Detroit area Marriott Hotel by the good folks at Car… »4/09/08 12:21pm4/09/08 12:21pm

Whatever Happened To Predictability? The Milk Man, The Paperboy, The Jet-Powered Concept Car...

Our esteemed editor, Herr Wert, penned a piece for Popular Mechanics about the demise of the futuristic concept car and the rise of practically-production concepts like the Honda Pilot and Dodge Challenger, which will end up being nearly indistinguishable from their production versions. The good days of the … »3/20/08 10:00am3/20/08 10:00am

Detroit Auto Show: Honda Pilot Sketch Versus Reality

When we saw the 2009 Honda Pilot in person, we couldn't help but notice it looked conspicuously different from the Honda Pilot sketch released earlier by Honda. It's not news that sketches are often exaggerated versions of the production models (few production models end up with 40-inch rims, for instance). But the… »1/21/08 12:00pm1/21/08 12:00pm

Detroit Auto Show: Honda Pilot And Ford Explorer America Long Lost Twins?

We've noticed that both the interesting 2009 Honda Pilot and controversial Ford Explorer America Concept look remarkably similar. Besides being silverish SUV concepts, both sport dopey looking fronts that make us wonder if these two concepts were actually separated at birth. A birth that came about after breeding… »1/14/08 3:30pm1/14/08 3:30pm

Detroit Auto Show: Honda Concept Pilot Drawing Revealed for Detroit

Honda released a sketch today of the next-generation Jeep Honda Pilot, which will make an appearance at the Detroit Auto Show in January. Look familiar? The thick pillars, grille angle, headlight shape and beefy fenders all are hallmarks of Jeep products, especially the Grand Cherokee and Patriot. Is it just us, or… »12/12/07 10:30am12/12/07 10:30am