Honda Pulls First Quarter Profits Out Of Revenue-Decreasing Hat

Honda Motor Company managed an impressive 8.1% increase in net income in the first quarter, bringing total quarterly income to $1.69 billion. Honda managed this despite quarterly revenue dropping by 2.2% to $29.64 billion. So why are Chrysler and Ford losing money hand over fist and Honda making money with despite… »7/25/08 11:20am7/25/08 11:20am

Honda Sales up 4.7% for November, No One Wants an Acura for Hanukkah

American Honda Motor Company reported record November sales of 111,431 Honda and Acuras, up 4.7% over the previous year. With the exception of the Accord Hybrid and S2000, all Honda models posted increases, including a 25.2% increase for the new Accord and a 106.0% increase for the Fit. On the other hand, Acura sold… »12/03/07 4:00pm12/03/07 4:00pm