Maybe The Honda Civic Si Doesn't Know What It Wants To Be Anymore

I don’t think I’m being unfair when I say that the Honda Civic Si isn’t especially relevant in the performance car game anymore. What used to be the ideal platform for tuners and autocrossers (or both) has turned into merely a sporty Civic with a great gearbox. But does that make it a bad car? Absolutely not. »4/27/15 10:27am4/27/15 10:27am


Honda Civic HFP Concept Sits Efficiently On SEMA Show Floor

It may not be the spiritual successor to the CRX HF, but the Honda Civic HFP Concept is the result of Honda Access America — the in-house accessory division — taking a Civic Si »11/06/08 8:30am11/06/08 8:30am and adding lightness. Both exhaust and wheels have been replaced with high-performance ultra-lightweight versions, while an aero body kit…