Can Honda Make A Three-Wheeled Motorcycle That Doesn't Suck?

Performance tricycles are a strange segment. The Can-Am Spyder proved halfway decent to ride but embarrassing to be seen on. The Polaris Slingshot is polarizing, though we love it around these parts. Now Honda presents the Neowing concept; which of course they say does it all without compromise. What do you think? »9/30/15 6:30pm9/30/15 6:30pm

Honda's Electric Retro Scooter Could Be A Cute Cheap Transport Rival To Vespa

Vespa has unlocked a market secret: people who want to get around on a super small motorcycle want it to look cute. That’s why “Vespa” is the only brand of scooter everyone’s heard of. Looks like Honda just might adopt that strategy themselves with this new EV-Cub, and I say they’re on to something. »9/30/15 4:08pm9/30/15 4:08pm

How Honda Got An Impala To Meet EPA Regs When GM Said It Couldn't Be Done

The biggest carmaker in the world today, Volkswagen, cheated to comply with strict EPA emissions regulations. Back in the 1970s, the biggest carmaker in the world, GM, had a different strategy: claim the EPA’s standards could not be met. It looked like it would work, until little Honda stepped in with one of the… »9/24/15 4:45pm9/24/15 4:45pm

This Honda Civic Type-R VS. Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade Battle Is What Track Dreams Are Made Of

Now, I know what you’re going to say: “PG, did you write this just to post that sick .GIF up top?” And the answer is yes (kinda)! But the video that goes with it is great too because it’s a battle between the new Euro Honda Civic Type-R and one of Honda’s fastest bikes. »9/23/15 9:40pm9/23/15 9:40pm

Now You Can Transform Your Honda CBR1000RR Into Huge MOTO's Newest Sci-Fi Streetfighter

We’re massive fans of everything that comes out of the Huge MOTO Design. Their latest bike, the Huge MOTO ‘Black,’ which was released last night at Piston & Chain in San Francisco, California, is our favorite to date. The best part? Now you can own one for $3,000. »9/10/15 1:26pm9/10/15 1:26pm

The Honda 2&4: A Screaming Open-Air Magic Machine Here To Slay The Ariel Atom

You get one of two things when you combine a car and a motorcycle. Your first option is a massively heavy, chromed out two-wheeled cruiser. The other option is a four wheeled, lightweight, open-air kart with a superbike motor under the hood. One is a pleasant way to ride across the country; the other is the Honda 2 &… »9/09/15 11:51am9/09/15 11:51am

Want To Spend $184,000 On The Honda RC213V-S? Sorry, You Lost Your Chance

That’s right boys and girls, put those checkbooks away - you stayed on the fence too long. All those countless hours spent comparing the Honda RC213V-S and Honda CBR600RR online (sure one has more horsepower, but the other one is super rare!) have gone to waste. Someone, or 220 someones, have made your decision for… »9/03/15 12:30pm9/03/15 12:30pm

Honda Is Building An Open-Cabin Cart Of Awesomeness With A Racing Engine

This week, I learned one very simple rule. Open air, light, moderately powered cart-thingies are shit tons of fun. I’ve been driving/riding/piloting a Polaris Slingshot, easily the worst of the cabinless cart options, and even that thing is impossible not to have fun in. Take that, add another wheel so it handles… »9/01/15 9:24am9/01/15 9:24am

What The Hell Is This Weird Unknown Honda? 

Seeing a car — even in a picture — that you’ve never known before is a huge thrill. When you write and think about cars every day like I do, that gets harder and harder to find, making you like a junkie always trying to beat their tolerance to get that high again. Well, today, I found some raw, uncut, car-heroin: the… »8/31/15 1:47pm8/31/15 1:47pm