Homer Simpson's V12-Powered Motorcycle

What would you do with a spare Aston Martin V12? I could imagine several things: a massive El Camino engine swap, new coffee table, etc. One German's genius answer: Stuffing it into a motorcycle frame, painted with a Simpsons theme. » 11/30/10 8:30am 11/30/10 8:30am

Homer Simpson Gets His Car-Gadget On

A week ago Homer was simply enjoying the low-hanging fruits of his new CTS-lookalike, but now he's also learning about all of the gadgets that are included in a luxury sedan. Sure, keyless entry, sunroof, automatic seat control and satellite radio is pretty standard. But Homer also gets an alcohol dispenser,… » 3/13/08 5:30pm 3/13/08 5:30pm

Talking Homer Simpson is a Backseat Dashboard Driver

First it was your mother, then your friends and now a favorite animated and fictional character will be criticizing your driving. This talking Homer Simpson sits on the dashboard and lets the insults fly based on your driving tendencies. Homer will recognize every sharp turn or quick movement and will react… » 12/13/07 10:45am 12/13/07 10:45am