HSV Senator Signature SV08 Has The Floor

Unveiled alongside the 40th Anniversary GTS » 10/09/08 1:40pm 10/09/08 1:40pm, the HSV Senator Signature SV08 is a limited edition of the more luxury-oriented version of the Holden Commodore. It's a bit more exclusive, with just 20 equipped with a manual transmission and 30 automatics. It's also a bit more expensive, with a price tag equivalent to…

PUTC Sets Up Aussie Sh-Ute-Out Between Holden VE And Ford Falcon FG, We…

Color us here at Jalopnik red with jealousy. Our friends at PickupTrucks.com sent their Aussie stringer James Stanford out back to let him get in touch with his inner hoon. What better way to do it than by running a brand spankin' new 2008 Holden VE Ute head-to-head with a 2008 Ford Falcon FG Ute? Stanford found out… » 5/20/08 4:00pm 5/20/08 4:00pm

2001 Holden VU S Completely Roo Proof, Possibly Dekotora Inspired

If you want a peek into the end-of-life future of the Pontiac G8 Utes to come, here's a good idea what kids in the heartland will be doing with the almost El Camino after it does the 1 lap of depreciation. This example for sale in Oz is going for approximately $21,954 USD, but it's still redneck-tastic. We'd be lying… » 3/17/08 6:00pm 3/17/08 6:00pm

926 HP Holden Ute: Blueprint For An Epic Pontiac G8 El Camino

Considering everything under the skin of the new Pontiac G8 El Camino sport truck is basically a Holden Ute, it stands to reason all the modifications done to this truck-car could be done to our sport truck. How would you feel about a 926 HP El Camino? We would feel pretty good about it, all seven seconds we drove it… » 3/17/08 1:45pm 3/17/08 1:45pm