Perhaps This Is Why Europeans Hate Us

Ever have the compulsion to put a Canadian flag on your backpack while traveling abroad just to avoid getting into arguments with French people? Well, any European goodwill we may have built up as a nation lately has been promptly ruined by these guys driving terribly around the Hockenheimring race track. » 5/11/12 1:30pm 5/11/12 1:30pm

The 12 Brits Who've Won Their Home Grand Prix

A dozen men have walked on the Moon—and twelve Brits have won the British GP since first held in 1950 at Silverstone. Meet the men whose shoulders Jenson Button is set to stand on this Sunday. » 6/20/09 1:30pm 6/20/09 1:30pm

Mercedes C 63 AMG: DTM Pace Car

It's not on the market yet, but it will be on the Hockenheimring next weekend. It's the Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG, which apparently will be the pace car for the German Touring Car Championships (DTM) finals. Spies recently caught this light-bar'd specimen near the Nürburgring. It had been fitted with straight pipes and… » 10/09/07 11:45am 10/09/07 11:45am

Just Saying 'Hockenheimring' Makes Us Happy

"Hockenheim" is one of the best words in the English language. Hans Heyer illustrates this in a rad film from 1977 that isn't Smokey and the Bandit or Star Wars. We're changing our surname to Baden-W rttemberg immediately. » 8/29/06 2:45pm 8/29/06 2:45pm