Let's Spread Some False Automotive Rumors, Why Not?

Sometimes a good hoax or lie is just fun. Truth is great, don’t get me wrong, but whether we call it fiction or fibbing, sometimes a total fabrication is just the right thing. So how about a little experiment? I made a bunch of lies in sharable-image form — and you should feel free to make your own — what happens if… »7/24/15 7:00pm7/24/15 7:00pm


Why Is This Surfing Website Lying About A 2015 VW Microbus?

I'm sure this is just some crappy attempt to gain web traffic at the expense of truth, credibility, and reality. The article itself sounds like it was machine-translated by a Commodore 64 and then typed into the web page by a monkey wearing mittens. But it's already been brought to my attention on Facebook. So what's… »9/17/14 6:30pm9/17/14 6:30pm

Murder, Transsexuals, And The Price Is Right: The Story Of The Dale Car Hoax

April Fool's Day internet browsing is not like every other day. Every story is a probably lie, and for once the normally foolproof policy of believing everything you read on the internet is not recommended. This story is different, though. This is an entirely true story about a whole massive load of lies. It involves… »4/01/13 1:33pm4/01/13 1:33pm

Michigan To Concerned Citizens: Speed Trap Frenzy Emails A Hoax

There have been emails floating around Michigan about a possible "Speeding Ticket Frenzy" to be launched in the state for February. In addition to including information about where and when the speed traps will occur, the message includes this gem of logic: »1/23/08 2:30pm1/23/08 2:30pm

After doing the research we can tell you that this is not…

Who Is Driving Car? OMG, No One Driving Car? How Can That Be?

Everyone loves a good April Fools Joke (remember the ESPN aluminum bat hoax?), especially the guys and gals over at SEAT Sport UK. The racing team that operates the SEAT Leon in the BTCC has a story on their website that is "strictly embargoed until April 1" about a remote controlled SEAT possibly competing in the… »3/28/07 3:30pm3/28/07 3:30pm