HKS GT570 Nissan GT-R Makes 559 HP... At The Wheels

Plenty of tuning options for the Nissan GT-R »9/04/08 12:20pm9/04/08 12:20pm are popping up, but few are as appealing as this HKS GT570 power upgrade. The standard GT-R is rated at 480 HP, but this kit is supposed to up that to just over 570 HP at the flywheel by way of a new exhaust, intake pipe kit, boost controller and wastegate actuators. A shop…

HKS Mitusbishi Lancer Evo X Gets HP Boost And Suspension Upgrades

The new Mitsubishi Evolution X is already a great performer, but what happens when you give it to a tuning company like HKS? No surprise, they've made it better. The HKS Evo makes 382 HP, about 97 HP more than the standard Evo. Even better, that figure comes at 6230 RPM, about 790 revs lower than the power peak from… »3/26/08 4:15pm3/26/08 4:15pm