Hitler’s giga-railway from Paris to the Caspian Sea

With their 800 mm guns, 270 mph race cars and dreams of an empire from the Atlantic to the Caspian, those Third Reich people sure had a thing for big. The Breitspurbahn (broad-gauge railway) was bigger than big: a brand new cross-continental railway with a gauge of 9 feet and 10 ⅛ inches, it was to run the length and… »7/08/11 1:30pm7/08/11 1:30pm

Hitler’s personal plane was powered by this US-designed engine

The first BMW product may have been an aircraft engine, but it took help from the United States to return BMW to their roots after World War I put an end to German aircraft engine production. This BMW 132 radial nine began life in 1926 as the Pratt & Whitney Hornet and went on to power thousands of Luftwaffe planes,… »6/14/11 10:30am6/14/11 10:30am

Hitler Gets A New Car, Finally Answering The Question: What Would Hitler Drive?

We giggle every time we hear the words "Esh-Esh!" in this subtitle-fake dubbed Der F hrer Gestohlener Tr ger. [Hat tip to Jason, Austin, and everyone else who's sent us this. And no, we didn't decide to not run this because I'm Jewish. We decided to not run this because we were busy. In case you haven't noticed,… »11/07/06 12:26pm11/07/06 12:26pm