The Hybrid Supercar Is A Lie

This week's Geneva Motor Show features greenwashing finally invading the exotic-car realm — Lotus, Ferrari, and Porsche all debuted a hybrid. These cars won't save the planet, but they might just get a few rich dudes laid. » 3/02/10 3:45pm 3/02/10 3:45pm

Hispano Suiza Returns With An Audi R8 V10-Based Supercar

To make this coupe, the once-defunct and now again living Hispano Suiza disassembled and lengthened an Audi R8 5.2 FSI. Also, they made it really, really ugly and really, really expensive. $949,000 expensive. And oh, look, a hybrid! » 3/02/10 12:20pm 3/02/10 12:20pm