I was at a Hipster Carlaunch – and it was eye opening.

Everyone loves a free meal. Everyone loves free drinks. Everyone loves fancy meals and alcoholic free drinks even more. So somehow, I ended up spending a Thursday night in a loft, electro songs blasting from the speakers, eating snacks from tiny, square plates while taking a look at what Mini calls the "The New… » 3/24/14 9:53am 3/24/14 9:53am

Audi Needs to Invite Me to One of Their Hipster Parties

When news broke earlier today about Audi's 64 page guide to throwing sexy hipster A3 parties, lots of people made fun of them. Me though? I just felt an overwhelming need to go. I couldn't tell you what the actual parties are going to look or be like, but I just can't shake it. I have to be there to witness whatever… » 3/11/14 9:37am 3/11/14 9:37am

James May Buys The Ultimate Hipster Bike

James May just purchased this Grievous Angel custom cafe racer from hip Austrailian builder Deus Ex Machina. Based on the JDM Yamaha SR400, Captain Slow's new bike puts out 27 HP and costs around $20,000. » 10/29/10 2:00pm 10/29/10 2:00pm

PBR Prius Shift Knob: The Ultimate Hipster Car Accessory

A Pabst Blue Ribbon tap handle makes an outstanding Prius accessory if you're a Williamsburg resident, but ELO on the radio? Really? Starship is the ironic music du jour. Please turn in your neon sunglasses and beard. [MobileLocalSocial via OMG-Ponies] » 4/16/10 12:30pm 4/16/10 12:30pm