Make A Joyful Noise Unto The World With The 911 Carrera RSR

There's something about an aircooled flat-six that sounds positively rowdy. Perhaps it's the mechanical roar it makes. Maybe it's the reverberation off the trees and the combination of engine noise with tire squeal. Either way, this car is fantastic, and driver Willi Jenni drives the wheels off of it. »12/30/14 9:00pm12/30/14 9:00pm


America's Toughest Hillclimb is Back

Rejoice, ye fans of mad motorsport! In just under two weeks the toughest hill climb in the country will once again kick off to determine who out there is the fastest of the rubber room fugitives, the quickest of the window-licking insane. Over 70 cars are registered to attempt the fastest time up the terrifying… »6/16/14 12:21pm6/16/14 12:21pm

'Super 86' Is A Wonderfully Monsterized Scion FR-S

I think pretty much everyone agrees the BRZ/FR-S/Toyota 86 triumvirate is a good time on four wheels, and we're just at the cusp of what will likely be a vast ocean of race-bred variations. It looks like the Monsterization machines over in Fukishima Prefecture have been working overtime, and the result is the Super 86. »3/11/13 3:32pm3/11/13 3:32pm