How Land Rover, Land Cruiser, And Jeep Owners See Each Other

The "holy trinity" of off-road brands (at least in the US) is Land Rover, Toyota, and Jeep. So a reader and off-road enthusiast has cooked up this hilarious key illustrating each brand's stereotype... according to rival enthusiasts. » 3/09/15 8:26pm 3/09/15 8:26pm

I Never Want to Stop Watching This Incredible Vine Compilation Video

Some blessed, benevolent soul who we only know as YouTube user Eric S has gone and created what will undoubtedly be the best 11 minutes and 38 seconds of your day—a compilation video of the best Vines of 2013 so far. And you're going to wish it never had to end. » 8/09/13 3:55pm 8/09/13 3:55pm

World Of Warcraft Freakout Kid Freaks Out Over Pickup Truck

We'd be pretty disappointed if our parents owned a lifted Topkick, H2 and a Challenger SRT8 — then for our sixteenth birthday they gave us a spray-painted rusted Chevy S-10 pickup. But would we freak out like the WoW freakout kid? » 7/03/09 8:30am 7/03/09 8:30am

Sign Hackers At It Again, What's A "F*** Taco?"

We've repeatedly told you not to hack road signs, but you people never listen. Only this time you're professing your love for stuff like a "f**k taco," "b**l sack," and "mudkipz." Whatever those are. » 6/19/09 1:30pm 6/19/09 1:30pm

There's A Lesson To Be Learned When Transporting Hot Pig Slop

The production process involved in making pig slop is a nasty and, likely, a stinky one. But we never thought the transportation of such nauseating edibles would be even more dirty than making it! » 6/18/09 12:00pm 6/18/09 12:00pm

Romanian Street Racers Master Magical One HP Drift

You didn't think Romanian street racers only drag-raced, did you? Consider yourself fully versed in the masterful and complex art of the Romanian One HP drift thanks to Virgiliu and his mighty steed. (Hat tip to Casey!) » 6/18/09 9:00am 6/18/09 9:00am

The 2012 Congressional Motors Pelosi GTxi SS/RT Sport Edition!

Congressional Motors just released their seven-way hybrid: ethanol, bio-diesel, electric, clean coal, wind, solar and pedal-powered 2012 Pelosi GTxi SS/RT Sport Edition. It only took $100 billion and an entire Congress to design it. » 6/09/09 6:15pm 6/09/09 6:15pm

Ten "You Might Be A Redneck" Limos

Wedding season's quickly approaching and if you're riding in one of these ten limos to recite your vows, start a life of baby-manufacturing and welfare-collecting, well, you might be doing Jeff Foxworthy proud. » 6/05/09 12:00pm 6/05/09 12:00pm

Hey Brah, My Truck's Bigger Than Your Truck

What's with people posing in front of cars? We thought we'd found the worst in our post, We Salute You, Mr. Proverbial Gangsta Pose Picture Taker, but it can't touch this possibly NSFW brah-gasm. [TCL] » 6/04/09 4:00pm 6/04/09 4:00pm

Five Worst Parking Jobs Caught On Video

The channel formerly-known-as-CourtTV's running more "reality" content — like these videos of the world's five worst parking jobs. Grab some popcorn, because this five videos are fun to watch. » 5/14/09 5:15pm 5/14/09 5:15pm

Romanian Street Racers Get All The Girls

Ever wonder why Romanian street racers get all the girls? Neither did we. Then we came across this hilarious clip depicting the life and times of two enterprising young Eastern-European wannabe street racers. » 5/06/09 12:40pm 5/06/09 12:40pm

Colorado DMV Misinterprets Tofu-loving Vegan Vanity Plate

The Colorado DMV appears to have misinterpreted a seemingly harmless vanity plate request from a proud vegan driver. That is, unless you have a filthy mind like ours. » 4/13/09 10:00am 4/13/09 10:00am

Truck Driver Leaves Bed Up, Smashes Into Bridge ...All On Video

We've shown you a few clips of truck drivers hitting bridges, but none seem to amount to a hill of beans after seeing this particularly uplifting and monumental wreck captured, as it happens, at 60MPH! » 3/25/09 12:30pm 3/25/09 12:30pm

30 Epic Do-It-Yourself Automotive Fabrication Failures

We've seen some pretty crappy DIY craftsmanship before, but these examples take the cake. What's amazing is these DIY'ers know how to post on the internet, but not how to research. EPIC FAIL. » 3/20/09 2:30pm 3/20/09 2:30pm

Jalopnik Automotive Un-Motivational Poster Mega Gallery

The Carpocalypse is causing everyone to need a little pick-me-up. Sometimes, as our friends at TCL show us, sometimes you just need some motivation. Maybe something like 39 posters to help keep your chin up. » 3/19/09 3:00pm 3/19/09 3:00pm

Shanghai Drift: Changan Mini Delivery Truck For The Win

We've shown you some amateur drifters before, but this guy takes the cake. Using a Changan delivery truck, he does his best impersonation of Takumi Fujiwara from Initial D while drifting the Shanghai streets. » 3/11/09 6:15pm 3/11/09 6:15pm

Electric Corvette ZR1: You Know, For Environmentally Responsible Guys

This is it. It's the 2009 all-electric Corvette ZR1. Never heard of it? With a 0-to-30 of less than 1:20 and a 1/4-mile of less than three minutes, you will. » 3/11/09 9:30am 3/11/09 9:30am