Toyota FCHV-adv Gets New Fuel Cell Hybrid System, Has Over 500 Mile Range

The Japanese government (who didn't have anything to do with Prius development) has given approval for domestic market leasing of Toyotas newest fuel cell hybrid, the FCHV-adv. We don't know if our assumed graphic update properly represents the new look of the updated FCHV, but the updated goodies under hood and… »6/06/08 11:20am6/06/08 11:20am

When There's No Snow, Vail is Nothing But Kobe Bryant and Hybrids

("Follow us as we lift the hood on the world of industrial automotive espionage in From The Car Spy's Dossier, a series of road reports from A-list spy shooter Brenda Priddy and some of the world's greatest car spies!)I barely had a chance to unpack at my motel right across from BMW's so-called "top secret" hot… »7/23/07 1:30pm7/23/07 1:30pm

Toyota To Halt Expansion Of US Assembly Plants, Increase Sales Of Japan-Built Vehicles?

In Japan, Toyota has plants clustered together, with a capability of building more than a half-dozen different vehicles on each line, and their most efficient plants around the world are capable of operating more than one assembly line each. But here in the United States, Toyota plants build just one or two models and… »6/20/07 10:30am6/20/07 10:30am

High in Mississippi: Toyota Highlander, New Crossover to Be Built Near Tupelo

According to Automotive News, Toyota is building a $1 billion plant in the wilds of Memphis, Tennessee. At least, they're expected to, which means someone spilled the beans ahead of a local press conference to be held this morning in Blue Springs, Miss — a tiny town outside of big Memph Toupe. That's where the SUV… »2/27/07 10:08am2/27/07 10:08am

The Little Toyota Engine Light That Couldn't Turn Off: ToMoCo Issues Recalls For Over 250,000 Vehicles

The world's number one super best automaker from the land of the rising sun issued two recalls today — one here in the land of the free and home of the brave for around 60,700 four-cylinder Highlander SUV's from 2001 through 2003 and 159,100 RAV4's from 2001 and 2002. It seems the "check engine light" (also known as… »12/08/06 10:33pm12/08/06 10:33pm

Dividing the Conqueror: US Firm Suing Toyota Over Hybrid Patents

Ruh roh. Solomon Technologies, Inc. has filed a complaint with the International Trade Commission, saying that Toyota's infringed on its patents regarding the hybrid systems in both the Prius and Highlander. If the ITC rules in Solomon's favor, it could stop the import of both vehicles into the US. Needless to say,… »1/13/06 2:27pm1/13/06 2:27pm