It's Still Schadenfriday Somewhere: Donks, Boxes and Bubbles Explained

The FoMoCo lot here in sunny, Southern California is three blocks east of Compton [Frightening side note: there's a Compton trailer park one block off the freeway]. So, whenever we cruise the 710 to pick up the latest metal from Dearborn (or Hermosillo, Mexico) we peep many young bucks cruising one-handed in… » 1/06/07 4:00am 1/06/07 4:00am

The Donks, The Boxes and The Bubbles: Hi-Risers

Admittedly, when it comes to urban car culture, our interest is primarily limited to bombas and classic lowriders. But the same Southern culture that gave us syrup and crunk has blessed us with hi-risers, essentially the inverse of lowriders. By and large, we scoff at anything with wheels larger than 18", and well,… » 3/21/06 6:13pm 3/21/06 6:13pm