2008 Chevy HHR SS First Drive Preview: World's 2nd Fastest Breadvan, Priced At $22,995

I woke up this morning in Arizona and spent the day happily hooning the go fast Nurburgring-tuned version of Chevrolet's HHR on freeways, twisty mountain two-laners and the Bondurant Road Course. How does the car drive? How's the Launch Mode? How do 260 horses and 260 ft-lb of torque feel through the front wheels?… »12/14/07 12:01am12/14/07 12:01am

SEMA 2007: Chevrolet HHR Panel SS Revealed Live, We Check Out The Big Red Rear End

Check out the inside of the back end of the newly revealed Chevy HHR Panel SS custom concept. How bad of a case of the red-ass does this SuperSport have with all of that hot red leather? Yeah, that's right — that's all red leather covering the interior of the cargo bay from the waistline up. Because this HHR SS is for… »10/30/07 12:59am10/30/07 12:59am

2008 Chevy HHR SS In Black Gives Us A "Show", But Can The Car Also "Go"?

One of us likes his cars black, the same way he likes his coffee. But the black Chevy HHR SS we spotted at the HHR SS reveal yesterday and that we've got pictured up above and in the gallery below — may have some "Go" to go along with the "Show." You see, this particular tester is the actual prototype HHR SS the GM… »8/17/07 11:30am8/17/07 11:30am

Live From The Woodward Dream Cruise, It's The Chevy HHR SS Reveal!

After all the hoopla, we're now done with our coverage of the Chevy HHR SS. We've just seen "Maximum" Bob Lutz drive the 2008 Chevrolet HHR SS into the parking lot here at the Athens Coney Island on Woodward Avenue in lovely Birmingham, MI and we now feel we can die complete. OK, that's a lie. Really, it was kind of a… »8/16/07 4:36pm8/16/07 4:36pm

The 2008 Chevrolet HHR SS Lets Us Hear Its Engine As It Runs Away From "Maximum" Bob Lutz

We've now got ourselves some running footage of the new 2008 Chevrolet HHR SS as it takes to the streets — more than likely in an attempt to get away from "Maximum" Bob Lutz's earlier spoiler-fondling. OK, that's a lie — the HHR SS probably enjoyed it — we know we would. But whatever the reason, we're just happy to… »8/16/07 9:30am8/16/07 9:30am

Bob Lutz On The Chevy HHR SS: "Muscle Car Performance...That Goes Like Hell"

"Maximum" Bob Lutz, the vice chairman for the General, got in front of the camera to talk a bit about his new baby — the Chevy HHR SuperSport — the same HHR esh-esh we revealed last night via press photos, and we'll be on hand for at the live unveiling later today. The lead product man for GM had us riveted with his… »8/16/07 8:45am8/16/07 8:45am

2008 Chevrolet HHR SS: 260 HP Of Turbocharged Retro-ness

There's a new member of the SS family hitting the streets of Detroit tonight in honor of the Woodward Dream Cruise — it's the new 2008 Chevrolet HHR SS. The new all-capital letter retro-truckagan gets a 2.0-liter turbocharged and intercooled Ecotec engine under the hood. That engine hits 260 horses on the top end,… »8/16/07 12:01am8/16/07 12:01am

Super Bowl Ad Watch: Men Want To Bump N' Grind With The Chevy HHR???

Eew. Gross. And really, on this college kid produced Super Bowl ad for the General's Chevy brand — that's all we're gonna say about that. I think we may have just vomited in our mouths a little. Although we've got to look on the bright side — at least Johnny O'Connell wasn't in this one as well. I can take the man… »2/03/07 6:38pm2/03/07 6:38pm

Jalopnik Exclusive: We Test GM's Patience And Personal Audio Link System For The iPod

The ability to run your iPod in your car through your head unit (either via the radio faceplate or the steering wheel) is kind of like the Holy Grail to auto-loving audiophiles with a hankering for digital audio. I already drive, eat, drink and e-mail all at the same time, so throwing the iPod into the mix doesn't… »1/11/07 2:32pm1/11/07 2:32pm

Detroit Auto Show Preview: Attack Of The Variants! Chevy Unveils HHR Premiere Edition

Oh yay — another Chevrolet HHR variant. I am so very excited about the prospect of seeing Chevy's most recent preview for the Detroit Auto Show up close and personal next weekend. It's yet another unveiling of a vehicle we've already seen, only in a new color combination. I find myself hardly able to contain the joy… »12/27/06 2:38pm12/27/06 2:38pm

Like A Rock? Chevy HHR Panel Van Gets A Starting Price Of $16,750

Judging by the number of comments we received on the post for the unveiling of the Chevrolet HHR panel edition, some folks are really excited about it — and have we got some news for the five of you. Pricing is now available for the General's exercise in fleet average fuel economy reduction through selling a car as a… »12/08/06 5:18pm12/08/06 5:18pm

Spy Photos Without Photos: Chevrolet HHR SomethingSomething Spotted In Ann Arbor, We Forget Camera

While walking back from dropping a few quarters into the old parking meter outside of Zingerman's deli on Detroit Street in Ann Arbor today — where I spent the morning ingesting coffee and a egg n' cheese bagel sandwich after a night of liquor with recent Jalop alumn Mike Austin— where what should I see driving by,… »12/02/06 1:37pm12/02/06 1:37pm