A C-130 Hercules Amphibian Makes Too Much Sense To Be True 

The C-130 is the world’s most prolific cargo hauler and it’s been adapted to do pretty much everything imaginable with one exception: operating on water. Yet some of the folks at Lockheed wanted to do just that in the 1960s. Sure, amphibious planes are a niche, but the already boat-like C-130 seems like a perfect… »7/08/15 8:05pm7/08/15 8:05pm


How I nearly made the most important barn find in motorsports history

Most Formula One cars end up on display or in the private collections of the über wealthy. A car like the McLaren MP4/6 Ayrton Senna drove to the F1 World Championship in 1991 should be in a museum. That's why I thought it was so strange when I thought we found it collecting dust in the space above the… »10/27/11 12:00pm10/27/11 12:00pm