RuPaul Drives An Old Volvo And Is Friends With Henry Rollins

RuPaul Drives is basically Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. Just without comedians. Or coffee. And instead of lighthearted jokes, there's some dark, serious conversation. And apparently RuPaul and Henry Rollins are friends. My brain just exploded. » 8/29/13 2:45pm 8/29/13 2:45pm

Pubil Sevis Anouncemnt From Los Jalops nd Black Flag, Bitch

Look! It's Henry with a sparkler road flare! It's Henry with long hair! It's some vague facimile of the Grim Reaper driving a 1st 2nd Gen Mustang! Is that a Capri we spotted in the junkyard? How much does anyone wanna bet that this was filmed in Wilmington, California? Also, watch out for drunkards on the road this… » 12/13/06 9:00am 12/13/06 9:00am