The Hennessey Venom GT Just Went 0-To-186 MPH In 13.63 Seconds

We've been telling you for a while that the Texan-built Hennessey Venom GT is an obscenely powerful, giant-slaying hypercar that will send your Bugatti Veyron crying back to Volkswagen with its tail between its legs. This is the Lotus-Texan frankenrocket with the 1,224 horsepower 7.0-liter twin-turbo V8, in case you… » 1/10/13 4:25pm 1/10/13 4:25pm

This $235,000 Jeep SRT8 is quicker than a Porsche Turbo

A tuned Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 that can get from 0-60 in 3.1 seconds? Indeed, it's a Texas thing. It's the 800-hp HPE800 Twin Turbo Jeep by Hennessey Performance. The price is oilman-rich too: It starts at $235,000. » 12/20/11 1:30pm 12/20/11 1:30pm

What 232 mph in a Ford GT feels like

Last week we shared some video from The Texas mile of what 231 mph in a Corvette feels like. Now here's some video from the same event of a 1,300-hp twin-turbo Hennessey Ford GT doing 232 mph. » 6/02/11 10:00am 6/02/11 10:00am

1,000-HP Twin-Turbo Escalade beats Nissan GT-R

John Hennessey's got this great shtick going where he takes his Frankenstein monsters and pits them against stock versions of cars we associate with performance. It's total nonsense, but how the hell do you not watch a twin-turbo Cadillac Escalade race a Nissan GT-R? » 4/13/11 10:30am 4/13/11 10:30am

Ben Collins Hoons A Hennessey Camaro In Colombia

Ex-Stig Ben Collins doing massive donuts in a Hennessey HPE650 around the Autódromo de Tocancipá in Colombia. What's going on here? » 10/21/10 12:30pm 10/21/10 12:30pm

Hennessey-Tuned Cadillac CTS-V Coupe Pushes 650-HP In Glorious Dyno Run

Say hello to the Hennessey V650, a Cadillac CTS-V Coupe fluffed up to produce a satisfying 650-hp at the flywheel. This dyno run shows the wheels deliver a very adequate 544 hp and and 562 lb-ft of torque. » 9/15/10 9:30am 9/15/10 9:30am

John Hennessey Hoons An Audi S4

Speed:Sport:Life's Zerin Dube brought his new Audi S4 to take pics of the VelociRaptor 600 and, before we knew it, John Hennessey himself was in it drag racing me behind his shop. Then more awesome ensued. » 8/05/10 4:00pm 8/05/10 4:00pm

The 1000-hp Twin-Turbo Hennessey HPE Camaro Is Loud

The twin-turbo Hennessey Chevy Camaro makes 815 hp on regular 93 octane. On 104 octane race fuel it does 847 rear-wheel horsepower or nearly 1000 hp at the crank and sounds like the Starship Enterprise landing on an aircraft carrier. » 5/19/10 12:00pm 5/19/10 12:00pm

Get a Hennessey Kick in the Asp for $39,900

One bite of an asp did in Cleopatra. Similarly, a turn behind the wheel of today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Viper may be enough for you to be bitten by its power, but will its price do it in? » 4/30/10 8:00am 4/30/10 8:00am

Porsche Goes From Mom-Wagon To MILF-Wagon

The addition of a Hennessey Performance stainless steel exhaust bumps power on the Porsche Panamera Turbo up to 550 HP and makes the German sled sound like Tom Waits gargling when mom drops the hammer outside the PTA meeting. » 4/29/10 3:00pm 4/29/10 3:00pm

Hennessey Performance: Walking The Line Between Sanity And Audacity

When one of the ways for employees to get out of the Hennessey Performance compound in Sealy, Texas is by driving down a drag strip, you begin to see why people perceive them as mad-for-power. However, after spending a day with the people at Hennessey Performance, I can say they're just like anyone else. Anyone else… » 7/10/08 12:30pm 7/10/08 12:30pm

Hennessey Challenger SRT600, Exclusive First Pictures And Power Numbers

Wert may have gotten a thrill from that stock 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8, but some owners are going to demand more power. That's where the Hennessey Challenger SRT600 comes into the picture. Last week we showed you first pictures of it undergoing the transformation into a turbocharged monster and now we've got… » 7/10/08 12:00pm 7/10/08 12:00pm

2009 Hennessey Dodge Challenger SRT600 Turbo, Exclusive First Look

The mad tuners at Hennessey have turned their turbocharging tech toward the new Challenger SRT8, creating this just-about-built beauty of a beast — the Challenger SRT600. Having quickly snapped up one of the few SRT8s out there (on eBay, for quite a markup), the crew was hard at work this week readying the first… » 7/03/08 1:15pm 7/03/08 1:15pm

Bug Hack! Tuning Shop to Rework Bugatti Veyron Exhaust

From the can't-leave-well-enough-alone department comes this story, courtesy of Autoblog. The owner of a $#%@^&illion-dollar Bugatti Veyron has commissioned tuning shop Hennessey Performance to configure a new exhaust system for his bug. Not satisfied with the fine Alsatian engineering that begat the Veyron's stock… » 10/19/06 1:24pm 10/19/06 1:24pm